1. We’re just about ready to announce the NYT SNOW 2015 tour! It’s been a great Spring and Summer. But, we’re definitely starting to itch as the snow industry is ramping up for the 2015 season. To compliment the best snow in the world, world class resorts like our partner Rusutsu Resorts make the experience the best they can be! 



    Good people, good food, plenty of laughs, bone relaxing onsen, and of course the best snow in the world! See you in 2015!


  3. Days 6-8: Powder dreams at Niseko.


  4. Day 4: We had some buses waiting for us to head to NISEKO from RUSUTSU! We checked into KOROPOKKURU LODGE. We stayed at this lodge and loved the family ran cozy skier lodge. The place is a good contrast from the accommodation we had at RUSUTSU. The vibe here is classic Hokkaido skier style. The lodge is located at the most convenient location as everything is right out the front door!


  5. RUSUTSU RESORT is our premiere exclusive partner in bringing you our annual NYT SNOW tour to Hokkaido, Japan. They help us bring the best possible experience to our guests in providing top class suites at the luxury tower. Within the tower there are many activities you can enjoy such as souvenir shops, massages, restaurants and everything else you can ask for. The breakfast buffets are excellent with a good balance of Japanese and Western. One of the best features for snowboarders and skiers is the lift that takes you straight to the East Mountain from the back of the hotel! The tower itself is a beautiful structure with a very welcoming lobby. We can’t wait to go back next season!


  6. DAY 3: Sadly, day 3 is the last day at Rusutsu Resort. By this time, we all felt like we were just getting used to the mountain. Not to mention being comfortable with the stay at the Rusutsu tower. There’s just really nothing like jumping in the onsen after shreddin’ the best powder in the world! Some of us decided to check out the newly built SIDE COUNTRY PARK, which is a collaborative effort between RUSUTSU RESORT and SALOMON SNOWBOARDS. This is by far the gnarliest natural terrain park we’ve seen yet. The features are huge! There are some mid level features that shouldn’t be too bad for mid level riders. Either way, it’s a great terrain park with deep pow! Off to Niseko for the next stop!


  7. DAY 2 at RUSUTSU RESORT. As you can see, there was plenty of the legendary JAPOW from the snowfall last night. Some of the photos show a bluebird/clear sky but that was brief because the snow started coming down hard right after! Typical Hokkaido whiteout conditions. We’ve been hopping in the onsen twice a day!


  8. DAY 1

    NYT SNOW 2014 has officially begun! As it goes down every year, it’s off to an amazing start! Follow us.


  9. Please join us for the NYT SNOW 2014 tour launch event! Meet and greet fellow riders who will travel together to Hokkaido, Japan. Snowboard videos from Japan will be screened as well. Car Danchi 7 by One Films / Neil Hartmann will be screened. Sapporo open bar from 8PM.

    Thursday, January 30th, 8PM

    Fat Buddha
    212 Avenue A
    (Between 13th St + 14th St)


  10. NYT SNOW 2014 has officially launched! Ride and ski the world’s best powder in Hokkaido, Japan for the 2014 season with us! We will ride in the most beautiful mountains in Rusutsu and Niseko. For NYT SNOW 2014, we have teamed up with OvRride, New York City’s most reputable snowboard and ski travel group. You’ll be riding with a diverse group of people from around the world! Come join us in Japan with NYT SNOW and OvRride!

    To celebrate the launch of NYT SNOW 2014, we are offering an early bird special deal. Until September 1st, you will receive $50 off on your tour package

    Itineraries for the different tour packages can be viewed here.

    Please advise that all “early bird special” deals must be paid by personal check. All balances must be paid by December 31, 2013 if you purchase the deposit plan. Deposits are non-refundable. View the terms and conditions hereInquire with us about the early bird special. 

    See you in Hokkaido in 2014!


  11. NYT SNOW 2013

    Here’s a brief look at some of what went down for NYT SNOW 2013. It’s just impossible to fill the video with the endless experience we had on this tour. 2014 is only going to be better!

    Join us for NYT SNOW 2014!


  12. swinging on the quad at Niseko Grand Hirafu.


  13. This Rusutsu experience is hard to top…

    If you have the opportunity, join us for 2014!!!


  14. Here’s some more from our amazing time at Rusutsu!


  15. Niseko Hirafu streets.